Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a light touch, hands on therapeutic body work which works with the clients own system to support health and well-being. It is gentle and effective, and suitable for babies, children and adults. 


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My Story

In my mid-20s I experienced craniosacral therapy as a case study for a friend and it became the most effective form of treatment for my body when dealing with injuries and emotional issues. As a dance artist I am fascinated by the body and always work with the health that is available for participants. Craniosacral therapy and my movement and dance practice are closely


I began my formal training at CTET, the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust in London in 2018 taking the Living Anatomy course and subsequently the practitioner training programme. I have worked in the low cost student clinic, treated over 200 people as practice clients in my home as well as completed intense study and training over the course of the seminars. I completed additional training in October 2021 in working with babies, mothers and pregnancy.  

From January 2022 I will be offering treatments from ACU.E8 at The Factory in Dalston on Fridays 8am - 1pm. Other options are available and further details will follow. 

What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy? 



“I had an amazing treatment with Louise. She is extremely knowledgeable about human anatomy. She was able to identify areas of discomfort which I hadn't mentioned and almost completely got rid of my shoulder pain which I had for months. She explained the process which gave me the tools to continue to work on improving things. I would highly recommend Louise for pains and stress induced illness among other things I'm sure.” J 


“I have been receiving CST for around a decade. I took my son to see a wonderful practitioner because his birth had been very long and fairly traumatic and I’d heard it was a gentle treatment to bring a baby back into balance. The session was brief. He said, your baby is strong and he has wonderful energy and I think you might benefit from the treatment. This treatment has healed, it has helped me let go, it has fuelled my creativity, emptied my head, alleviated physical pain and so much more. I have a diagnosis of BDD so touch therapy is something I often find impossible. I can’t bear to expose my body and be touched. With CST you are clothed. You lie on a couch, covered with a blanket. It’s cosy. Comfy. Safe. I have learnt through this treatment to trust in the world. To trust myself. To honour my need to explore spirituality and the power of energy healing. It has liberated so much discomfort. Some say it’s too subtle. But I disagree. The application is precise and intuitive and powerful. And it cannot cause harm. So, I’ve been receiving this for a decade and I am loyal to my regular practitioner. And yet, after one treatment from Louise I experienced such a sense of healing and trust that I know I will maintain this client practitioner relationship for years to come. She has the most wonderful warmth and heart and intuition. I trust her implicitly. This was my response after the very first session we had when she was still in training.” S



‘‘I have had many cranio sessions with Louise. Louise makes you feel so at ease and explains clearly what she is doing. I am amazed at how deeply relaxed I feel after a session and how I feel so much more connected to my body. I now feel able to identify my body’s strongest resources to draw on if I am feeling ungrounded or anxious. I cannot recommend Louise highly enough.’’ J


“I find working with Louise extremely insightful. During the practice I have felt deep sensations within my body, and I have laughed, cried and felt release. Louise picks up on things and I always leave with something to think about.  There is such a sense of deep relaxation during and after the treatment for me. Louise is wonderful; she is welcoming, sensitive and incredibly intuitive and I always feel safe and seen during the treatment.” L


“As I’ve been on the journey of awakening - discovering my higher self or rediscovering. It was one of the first significant moments when I went inwards and heard myself. Along with yoga and breathing I healed so many parts of me and everything around me. But every time I will let myself go inwards with Louise I discovered places and visions that I never allowed myself to see. It is profound experience to experience myself in such a depth and be understood when verbalised it. She guided my healing light around me in the most invisible ways yet I’ve been touched and enlightened within. 

Thank you.”


“Never having had craniosacral therapy before I wasn't sure what to expect. Louise opened the session with a general check in, before inviting me to lie on the table. She held space for me with the gentlest touch, and really tuned into my rhythms and body. I was amazed at how effectively the treatment enabled me to relax and realign. I felt completely held and safe in her hands. I experienced the physical sensation of tension leaving my body, and finished the session feeling so much lighter. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Louise as a therapist.” L


“I find my sessions with Louise incredibly beneficial for both body and mind. Her gentle and professional manner, instantly makes you feel safe and able to relax fully into the experience, allowing you to gain the most from every session. She is incredibly intuitive and would often locate area’s that needed special attention which I previously had not been aware of. Being a person who suffers from anxiety and frequent migraines I have found my sessions with Louise to have a meditational quality which inevitably leaves me feeling both much more relaxed and energised at the same time. They definitely have had a positive impact on my stress levels and general well being. My migraine attacks are less frequent and less severe. I couldn't recommend craniosacral therapy with Louise more highly.” S


For information about treatments please email me