My Work

Active Families, Dance Network Association, Rachel Cherry
The Acorn Project, Stratford Circus
Intergenerational Dance, Dance Network Assocation
The Magpie Project
Stroke Odysseys, Rosetta Life, Ben Joseph
Re-Generation, Dance Network Association, Rachel Cherry
Re-Generation, Dance Network Association, Rachel Cherry
The Acorn Project, Stratford Circus, Laura Zotova

Dance and the Early Years

Why early years?


Since 1999 I have explored dance and movement with the early years. My practice isn’t exclusively in early years, it spans all ages but I'm drawn to babies and toddlers. We’ve all passed through the these stages and the experiences and development of an infant, informs everything.


Within the early years there is such a range of ways to explore and deliver dance and movement, and for me, it’s a continuously evolving practice with things to learn all of the time, much of it from the direct work with the babies and children. Basically the people.


I strive to connect with people through my practice, whether it’s a large group or 1:1 session with a child with additional needs. When these connections occur, I forget these young children are babies or toddlers and simply see and meet them as my collaborators in dance. 

Dance and early years more often than not involves parents and carers and has extended over many years to fully inclusive intergenerational workshops for Ivy Street Family Centre, Hackney, the V&A museum, Wilderness Festival and at sheltered housing schemes for Dance Network Association.

Click here to view a film made by Cai Tomos during my residency for the Acorn Project at Kay Rowe Nursery School.

Since January 2019 I have been dance artist in residence at The Magpie Project, a project for mums and under 5s suffering in temporary or insecure housing. 

Read about my work in blog posts here and here a short film made by Roswitha Chesher can be viewed here.

My work is in partnership with Dance Art Foundation.

Since 2018 I have been an artist for Move Dance Feel, a project for women affected by cancer founded by Emily Jenkins

This film was made during a summer intensive in 2019 by Alice Underwood.

I am an associate artist for Rosetta Life. In collaboration with stroke survivors and artists the project works towards sharings and performances to explore the benefits of the arts for those with neurological conditions. 


I presented this case study at the conference Stoke Odysseys: Performance Arts & Health: celebrating Hope and Recovery for Rosetta Life at Kings College, London in November 2018. 

A few highlights

I have been fortunate to work for numerous organisations and collaborated with many artists and producers. If you would like to know more about my work, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


For The Dance Network Association I have led early years, intergenerational and older adult workshops as well as numerous training days and workshops at conferences and events. Their programmes Active Familes and Active Start were both originally led by me. For Active Start, London Borough of Barking & Dagenahm invited me to write an early years teacher's toolkit. Please contact me for further information.

This short film was made by James Williams and the accompanying research by Elsa Urmston.

This film was a collaboration with photographer Rachel Cherry and the participants of Re-Generation, The Dance Network Association's older adult programme. 

I was a Critical Friend of the Royal Opera House supporting the development of their  Dots programme, ballet for babies and toddlers which launched  October 2018. Read about it here

I collaborated with Anita Wadsworth and Sophie Stanford of SLiDE at St Christopher's Hospice. We led workshops and co-created a solo with patients, which I performed at the event Living, Loving and Dying. The solo was also performed at the conference Facing Death Creatively in October 2016.

See the film made by Sophie Stanford about the project here